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Woodland Park Day Planner

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  • A shower possible this afternoon

    October 30, 2013

    As the storm system that brought snow to the mountains yesterday and last night exits Colorado, high pressure will build into our area from the... more »

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The city of Woodland Park, Colorado, is a relatively small bedroom community located just 18 miles northwest of Colorado Springs on Highway 24. At roughly 8,500 feet above sea level, Woodland Park is dubbed “The city above the clouds” and residents enjoy enviable weather. Like many regions in Colorado, Woodland Park weather often includes clear blue skies allowing for breathtaking views of Pikes Peak even when the skies in neighboring Colorado Springs or Cripple Creek may be overcast.

Many Woodland Park residents enjoy living between the cultural options provided by Colorado Springs and truly private mountain living that includes close hiking and mountain biking trails and quicker access to skiing. A number of Woodland Park residents are 'snow birds' who flee the mountain life for warmer climates when the snow begins to fall.

The winter of 2006-2007 brought the return of what many long-time Woodland Park residents call 'real Woodland Park weather' with daytime winter temperatures often falling below freezing and nighttime temperatures plunging into desperately low numbers. Still, Woodland Park residents are loyal to their home town of choice. Most find Colorado winters to be more favorable than other areas of the country due to the clear blue skies and temperate days that typically occur in each season.

While tourism fuels the Woodland Park economy, many residents commute into Colorado Springs from their mountain homes each day for their job. (See Weather Colorado Springs info.) While at work or visiting in the Springs, Woodland Park residents tend to be aware of impending severe weather changes that can cause the highway that travels through a winding mountain pass to become treacherous.

Average Temperature Ranges in Woodland Park

The average temperature ranges in January for Woodland Park weather are between 5° Fahrenheit, -15° Celsius and 32° Fahrenheit, 0° Celsius. The average temperature ranges in July in Woodland Park are between 40° Fahrenheit, 5° Celsius and 70° Fahrenheit, 21° Celsius.

Record Temperatures for Woodland Park

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Colorado Springs was 92° Fahrenheit, 33° Celsius in 1994. The coldest temperature ever recorded was -32° Fahrenheit, -35.5° Celsius in 1989.

Quick Weather Facts for Woodland Park

Average annual precipitation for Woodland Park is just a little over 24 inches with the wettest month of the year being August. The warmest month is typically July.  Dramatic changes are normal for Colorado weather.  Woodland Park is no exception.  Turn to Woodland Park Weather.com for up to the minute reporting and weather forecasting.

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Weather News - Woodland Park

  • Improving conditions in some areas may be temporary

    April 9, 2013

    Conditions are beginning to improve in southern areas of Pueblo County, but that improvement may be temporary. Another round of snow is developing from Walsenburg... more »
  • Dangerous storm arrives early Tuesday morning

    April 8, 2013

    A powerful cold front will team up with a strong upper level storm to produce blizzard conditions tomorrow. 60 mph wind gusts will develop after... more »
  • Christmas Tree cutting starts Dec. 3

    November 23, 2011

    Two national forest areas in the Pikes Peak region will be open for Christmas Tree cutting from December 3 to December 11. A $10... more »
  • Snow begins to fade

    November 2, 2011

    Blowing snow if making travel difficult, especially in outlying areas. Highway 115 southwest of Colorado Springs is snow packed. Roads are also covered with snow... more »
  • The snow comes

    November 2, 2011

    Another snowstorm is bringing strong winds and frigid temperatures to parts of Colorado. The National Weather Service said gusts up to 40 mph could create... more »
  • Snowstorm moves in from the north

    November 1, 2011

    DENVER (AP) - Another snowstorm is bringing strong winds and frigid temperatures to parts of Colorado. The National Weather Service said gusts up to 40... more »