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  • Mays monthly extremes

    With potential record highs for Colorado Springs and Pueblo on Tuesday, 5/22, (Record 87, set in 1996, forecast high of 90 for Colorado Springs; Record 94 set in 1996, forecast high of 97 for Pueblo), I thought it might be...

  • It could be a rough wildfire season this year

    Because… 1)  The fires have started early in the season, with one near Fort Collins, and more in Arizona 2)  The winter left dry soils behind (the effect of La Nina) 3)  It’s already in the 90s and 100s from...

  • 2 astronomical events for your planner

    There are 2 astronomical events of note in your immediate future, and both require special viewing gear (plus one requires a road trip). First of all, there will be an “annular” eclipse of the sun on May 20th. It won’t...

  • Some impacts from that April rain and snow

    Drought conditions aren’t quite as intense as they have been, thanks to some April showers (and snowflakes).  Here are some of the impacts: 1)  Spring showers and warmer weather across eastern Colorado has allowed grasses and other fuels to green...

  • Worldwide Tornadoes

    As my last post (about the tornado northeast of Tokyo, Japan), reminded us all, the good old US of A isn’t the only place in the world that has tornadoes (though we have more than anybody else). A little research...

  • Japanese tornado northeast of Tokyo

    The United States reports more tornadoes than any other country on earth, but this isn’t the only place you find them. Japan had an impressive one on Sunday. The place was Tsukuba City, about 30 miles northeast of Tokyo, and...

  • Weve just had a supersoaker, how are we overall?

    After upwards of .4″ of rain for many of us Sunday night and Monday (and as I write this, it isn’t over yet), are we closer to average?  Here are the latest figures. Colorado Springs: .27″ today (the record rainfall...

  • April was another warmer than average month

    The official statistics are in, for MOST (but not all) of us, April was warmer and drier than average.  Here’s a closer look. Colorado Springs: The average monthly temperature this April was 52.4°. That’s 5.9 degrees above average, and makes...

  • The tornadoes of April 27th, how strong they were

    The 5 tornadoes that struck parts of Baca, Bent and Kiowa counties early on the morning of April 27th grabbed the news headlines for the rest of the day, and the cleanup and rebuilding continues for those who were affected....

  • Miller moths, the invasion wont last forever

    “They’re Back” (Picture that creepy voice from Poltergeist). The miller moth invasion has begun, and it’s a bit early this year because of the mild winter.  Here are a few facts about the situation… 1)  They begin their lives as...

Colorado Springs News

  • Improving conditions in some areas may be temporary

    April 9, 2013

    Conditions are beginning to improve in southern areas of Pueblo County, but that improvement may be temporary. Another round of snow is developing from Walsenburg... more »
  • Dangerous storm arrives early Tuesday morning

    April 8, 2013

    A powerful cold front will team up with a strong upper level storm to produce blizzard conditions tomorrow. 60 mph wind gusts will develop after... more »
  • Christmas Tree cutting starts Dec. 3

    November 23, 2011

    Two national forest areas in the Pikes Peak region will be open for Christmas Tree cutting from December 3 to December 11. A $10... more »
  • Snow begins to fade

    November 2, 2011

    Blowing snow if making travel difficult, especially in outlying areas. Highway 115 southwest of Colorado Springs is snow packed. Roads are also covered with snow... more »
  • The snow comes

    November 2, 2011

    Another snowstorm is bringing strong winds and frigid temperatures to parts of Colorado. The National Weather Service said gusts up to 40 mph could create... more »
  • Snowstorm moves in from the north

    November 1, 2011

    DENVER (AP) - Another snowstorm is bringing strong winds and frigid temperatures to parts of Colorado. The National Weather Service said gusts up to 40... more »
  • Snow continues to fall

    October 26, 2011

    DENVER (AP) - Northern Colorado is getting the brunt of a winter storm moving across the state. The National Weather Service reports Boulder north to... more »
  • Helpful info on this snowy day

    October 26, 2011

    Traffic is moving quickly on I-25 in northern El Paso County despite the snow. Our new traffic system shows speeds of around 58 miles an... more »
  • Storm arrives

    October 26, 2011

    Up to two feet of snow is expected to fall in parts of Colorado today, including up to a foot in Denver and possibly 15... more »
  • Road conditions

    October 26, 2011

    Click here for local road conditions from our new traffic system. Click here for Colorado road conditions or call 1-877-315-ROAD (7623). Click here... more »